Mt Bisoke Hike

Standing at 3700m above sea level Mt Bisoke has a perfect shape of a volcanic mountain with a crater lake. Mt Bisoke Hike is not as demanding as Hiking Mt Karisimbi although it is still a tough Hike. For those interested in climbing Mt Bisoke the volcano does not present an exceptionally demanding climb but it is nevertheless still a tough hike. Because of the high elevation of Mt Bisoke, this demands extra strength of climbers and the whole trek can take about 5 days or the whole day depending on the speed of the walk and also the frequency of stops.  During the hike, you will come along a series of different habitats to include bamboo forest, Hagenia – Hypericum forest and Senecio – Lobelia before you reach the summit.  The Ascent usually takes around 3-hours. At the top of Bisoke the views are extra –ordinary. Then you will trek back to the starting point.

Bisoke Hike

Climbing Mt Bisoke costs USD 85 per person and it includes the park guides. Like other climbing permits, Mt Bisoke hike permit can be purchased on the day of the trek from the park headquarters and no advance reservation is necessary.  The hike starts at 07:00am from the Volcanoes national park headquarters in Kinigi from where visitors will drive / be driven to the starting point of the trek.  For those who require to hire porters, they are always readily available at the starting point. Hiring porters is also another way to giving back to the communities the live close to the park and in return they conserve this natural resource. For more information about organizing this hike