Colius_striatus_28.03.2009_14-16-34Bird watching is another activity commonly done in Volcanoes national park because this forest is a home to variety of bird species. There are over 300 bird species living in there and if you are a keen bird watcher, it’s possible to see more than half of that number. There are about 180 bird species that were recorded in this park in the 1980s and then in 2004, about 15 more species were recorded after the biodiversity survey.    There are birds like Grauer’s rush warbler a vulnerable which is a local bird species commonly seen in the swamps, there are about sixteen different species thata re endemic to the Albertine Rift for example the handsome francolin, the Rwenzori turaco, the Archer’s ground robin,the red-faced woodland warbler , the dusky crimson-wing, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, there is the collared apalis and the Rwenzori batis as well as the strange weaver among so many others.

Birding begins in the morning with a briefing and then together with the well trained birding safari, you will enter the jungle to search for the different bird species that live in this forest.