rwandasight5Cultural visits are also very important because the people are also an important part of this Park just like the primates are. For the best eco-tours or cultural tours, you can visit any of the cultural centers in Rwanda, you can visit one or more and these like the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village which is a nonprofit making organization that helps the reformed poachers. They help provide a better life through activities like providing clean water, health advisory, offer Agricultural support and also provide education facilities so the kids can acquire education. There are various enterprise projects that have been developed to act as a source of income to these families for example they do arts and crafts work, they engage in community tourism, they do basket weaving which they later sell to tourists to take home as souvenir.

There is also the SACOLA Cultural Centre who perform excellent traditional Intore dance. More to this, you can go for the Azizi life experience, a social enterprise that helps foreigners to get in contact with the local people in order to learn more about Rwanda’s different cultures and practices. With these people, you will have range of different experience and the more time you have to spend in this village, the more experience you get and better understand because you will walk a mile in their shoes.

imageSome of the activities you will engage in include the traditional way of house construction, collecting and preparing local meals, you can join the locals in the preparation of the banana juice, go drum making and dancing practices, you can also join your host family in the garden to dig, collect firewood and water, among others. There are lots of activities that you can do but depends on how much time you have to spend with them. Azizi life experience is one of the best cultural activities that you can ever opt for while in Rwanda and be sure to have an amazing time.

From such places, you can learn more about local life and the different traditions which is very interesting and also very beneficial to the local communities for example, discourages the locals from activities like poaching.