Garr Hotel Volcanoes National Park

Garr Hotel

Garr Hotel is located in the suburbs of Rwanda’s capital Kigali. It has a really quiet and beautiful environment surrounding it. It is located near a number of commercial centers for example the  grand MTN centre along with lots of other convenient shops, close by the hotel is the famous the bourbon coffee house and restaurant which means, you can always get breakfast from another place out of the hotel but also very close by. Garr Hotel is located 5 min away from places like the Kigali golf club thus making this hotel the best choice more so for the golfers and any other traveler interested in sports.   This hotel is located in the centre of Nyarutama which is only 5km away from Rwanda’s capital city Kigali. It is located very close major businesses and shopping malls therefore there is easy access to all social service centers.

The rooms a suitable for the business and those on holiday since they have comfortable beds so you rest as much you wish to. Rooms are very clean and some have a view of the city and each window is large enough to allow plenty natural bright light into the room. There is the mahogany wallpaper which is strategically places in these around rooms bringing out the beauty perfectly.

There are some really beautiful decorations like those radiant and colorful paintings placed along the staircases and on the walls in the corridors. The hotel has these sliding door that lead to the balcony on the upper floors and from the balcony, you get a clear view and fresh air.

Garr hotel is the perfect choice for people who are in Kigali and for leisure since it is conveniently located. It has modern facilities their guestrooms are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities that are needed to ensure that a guest is comfortable during their stay at the lodge. The fact that Garr is located very close to the big restaurants and foreign embassies as well as Rwanda’s Parliament Building make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a secure place to spend your night.

Besides the comfort and the security, Garr hotel offers like

  • Free WiFi Connection to the guests
  • There are digital Satellite TV for entertainment
  • Free telephone Services in case you want to get in touch with some one
  • They also offer room Services
  • There are some communal Computers just in case you don’t have one of your own.

Garr hotel different types rooms & there are Suites too.

The Executive Suite has really excellent features which include a reasonably large lounge with the leather couches, there is a coffee table and a television for entertainment as well as a really wide window strategically placed for proper entre of light and view of the beautiful landscape. Inside the bedroom are two wide windows and very comfortable king size bed, there is a bed-side lamps, a writing desk and a chair, a large closet and also a television.  This single room cost 160 US$ on bed a beak fast basis.

There is the King double room, a very comfortable room with nice furniture that is beautifully organized making the room look really beautiful. In addition to the king size bed is the fine fabric as soft as silk only to make our nights a lot more comfortable. The kind of hospitality that you get from the warmth and friendly staff make want to stay longer, you can enjoy the delicious meals prepared by well trained chefs. The king double room costs 130 US$ per night and that is one bed and breakfast.

The simply double rooms are also spacious enough, they have double beds for couples, there is also a bed-side lamp in each room, a writing desk and chair to make life for the business travelers easy. Their bathrooms are so spacious with bathtubs, a wide mirror which you will definitely need when dressing up. These rooms are very comfortable that it feels like first class hotel considering all the facilities and the different services offered. The decoration in the rooms and the ambiance are inspired by the African art and culture designs. The double rooms cost 110 US$ and if it’s a twin with two beds in it, the rice is $120.

There are also the single rooms which also have beds that are large enough; there are also bed-side lamps and closets in these rooms. They are all just as furnished as the rest of the rooms, they have nice private bathrooms with hot and cold water flowing, and you can also opt to use an enclosed glass shower cabin. The single rooms cost $160 per night on bed and breakfast basis.

You can choose to stay at the Garr Hotel, you will not regret your decision because staying there fells like staying in one of those super luxury hotels in Kigali. The intent is to ensure that all guests feel at home and are willing to return.