Golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes national park

sliderGolden monkey trekking is also a highlight of Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. The activity therefore attracts a huge number of tourists too. These beautiful monkeys are subspecies of the blue monkeys which are also called the Sykes monkeys. The trekking exercise begins at 7 am just like the gorilla trek although it takes less hours since they are commonly found in the bamboo zones. Mostly at the base of the volcanoes therefore there is limited hiking. Their beautiful golden coat blends well with the color of the bamboo stems amidst the green leaves thus making a really beautiful and bright environment.

To go golden monkey trekking you need a permit and you need to secure it in advance to avoid disappointments. Golden monkey trek begins with a briefing at the park head quarters in the morning. During the briefing, you are advised of the the trekking guide lines which are similar to gorilla trekking guidelines.  After the briefing, with the guidance of your park ranger you will enter the forest in search for the habituatied golden monkeys groups with over 100 members each. 

Golden Monkey Habituation

Golden monkey habituations has helped them erase the shyness and accept the daily visits from the tourists and the researchers who visit them in groups of 8 people each group accompanied by the game ranger to guide you through the jungle.

The golden monkey trekking experience is so similar to the gorilla trek, you are again given an hour to spend with these monkeys. You watch then jump from one tree to another which makes taking their pictures really hard compared to the gorillas

Don’t miss the chance of watching these very active primates because the time and all the money spent is worthwhile as the experience is memorable.

How much does Golden Monkey Trekking cost in Rwanda

In Rwanda golden monkey trekking costs USD 100 per person. This Fees can be paid at Rwanda development Board offices in Kigali or at the park headquarters in Kinigi.

How long does the golden monkey trek Take? Do I need to be physically Fit to trek Golden monkeys?

The trek takes 1 to 4 hours hike round trip and you do not need to be physically, fit but just be able to walk for around 4 hours maximum. The trekking pace is based in the slowest person in the group therefore you shouldn’t worry.