It is so important that you follow all the guides’ instructions and these include;

The very first rule is you must be 15 years or above and should be in good health because the jungle is very dangerous for minors and the sick. Besides, they can never handle hiking up to high altitudes for long hours or be able to observe a number of other rules that have to be followed.

Avoid going gorilla trekking when sick. In case where you get sick after purchasing your gorilla permits, then you should inform the park warden so that you can get a refund for the permit.

Always keep within your group that you will be allocated so that you do not get lost in the jungle.  Your ranger will lead the way through the jungle and the whole group will move at the same pace as slowest person in your group. And when you meet these amazing apes, you should still stay in the group and not disperse for any reason.

Avoid littering the park therefore always keep the rubbish in your bags and dispose it off when you leave the park. This is because the gorillas are so susceptible to human disease.

In the presence of the gorillas, please don’t make noise because the noise irritates and makes them feel threatened. 

You should keep a safe distance of 21 feet away from the gorillas to avoid transmitting human diseases to the gorillas also because they are wild animals which easily hurt you. It is true that mountain gorillas can easily contract and die from many human diseases because of no immunity to almost all human disease.

Avoid touching the gorilla, do not have direct eye contact with gorillas because this might intimidate them and react unexpectedly violent

Flash cameras are not allowed during the trekking experience because the flashlight scares gorillas and for that they can easily become violent.

In cases where a gorilla charges because they sometimes charge. Don’t panic but rather follow the ranger’s example by slowly crouching down, do not have a direct eye contact and wait for it to walk away.  An attempt to run is a very wrong decision.

An hour is always given to all groups to spend with the gorillas however; your ranger can decide to cut that time short when he realizes that the gorillas have become agitated with your presence.

When you meet them, you are given an hour to stay around them in the jungle taking pictures, watching them play, care for the little ones, the dominant male exercise his authority over the group and the experience is none like any other. After the hour, you will walk out the forest and if the gorilla trekking exercise has ended early, there are other activities that you can do rather than driving back to the hotel and spending the rest of the day rest at the lodge. Your Driver/ guide can take you to visit the popular twin lakes.