Hotel Muhabura Musanze Rwanda

Hotel Muhabura is also a budget hotel located in the Northern Province and also strategically located for people who are visiting Musanze.

If you are planning a trip to the Land of a Thousand Hills, specifically Ruhengeri district, you can always choose Muhabura hotel. This facility has about 30 rooms at a reasonable price and with a really cozy environment good for relaxing especially after a tiresome hike in the jungle when searching for the gorillas or golden monkeys.

The hotel’s front desk is open 24 hours a day therefore you can walk in any time and book a room. Although it is always advisable to book in advance to avoid any kind of disappointment. Especially, since it is located near a very busy tourism destination-volcanoes national park. Therefore it is very possible to find the hotel fully booked.

The hotel has three room categories which include the double, there are the twin and the single rooms . All the rooms are self contained with hot showers running 24/7. All rooms are comfortable with private balcony to unwind after a crazy day. The attached balcony provides a very beautiful panoramic view of the volcanic mountain chain thus the reason tourists love this spot.

Muhabura hotel has a room which was used by Dian fossey after she left her gorilla camp. After her death the management decided to leave the room just as she had left it in her memory.

Room Prices of Hotel Muhabura

Prices are set according to the type of room, for instance a single room costs different price compared to a double. Prices are per room per night

Type of Room Foreigners East African residents and Tour Operators The Rwandans
The Single room 45 $ 40 $ 25.000 Rwf
The Double room 55 $ 50 $ 30.000 Rwf
The Silverback room 60 $ 55 $ 35.000 Rwf
The Twin room 70 $ 60 $ 40.000 Rwf
Apartment of 2 rooms with 3 beds 100 $ 90 $ 60.000 Rwf
The Dian Fossey’s room 150 $ 130 $ 50.000 Rwf

Hotel muhabura offers amazing services, which include very nice meals served from the dining areas in the restaurant. They have all kinds of dishes and they the food is delivered in time and by professional waiters. There are lots of people who use this hotel as a stopping point to rest and grab a drink during a long drive. There is also a bar for those that want to drink spirits, beers, wines and also the soft drinks.

You can spend some quiet time in the gardens and enjoy the beautiful nature has to offer and you can even have your meals from the gardens

The Children are also very welcome to this hotel that is why they have a kids’ play-ground.Although kids have to be supervised while playing from these terraces. For example when swinging, at the seesaw or at any other play set that they have.

Conference facilities

The hotel has a conference hall, that can accommodate more that 100 people. Making it perfect for groups of travelers who are also in the area for business. The Conference hall can also be used for parties or as a theater. Sound or music and other conference facilities are available for hire.

Other amenities provided include the;

  • tea, coffee and beverage available
  • lunch and breakfast can be served to you from the garden privately under an umbrealla
  • there is enough space for  parking

There is also a gift shop for those who wish to take a souvenir with you after the trip. This shop has mainly handcraft work and it is right in the front office displaying really unique objects you might not be able to find in any other shops.