How to get to Volcanoes National Park.

It is not hard to figure out how to get to Volcanoes National Park. Depending on where you are coming from for instance, you could be coming from Uganda and entering Rwanda. Or could be flying in direct landing at Kigali international airport. Flying to Kigali and driving is a lot cheaper because the journey from the airport to the park is only 2 hours drive compared to 10 hours drive from Entebbe to Musanze.  From Kigali airport, you drive through the capital city and you get to visit a number of sites.  The sites that you can visit on your way to Volcanoes National Park includes; the national museum, the genocide memorial centre, and many more.

How to get to Volcanoes National ParkFor those who are not interested in traversing the Hills of Rwanda by Road, I would recommend to do a flying safari to Volcanoes. Such that you can have an aerial view of the Hills of Rwanda. The flight is just one hour with Helicopter and the Helicopter Lands in the compound of Virunga Volcanoes Lodge.

You can always do a 3 days gorilla tour in volcanoes national park or a 2 days or even a 1 day safari if you are staring from Kigali. For those visiting Volcanoes Via Uganda, you need a minimum of 3 days. If you are coming from Uganda, you have to go through Mbarara then Kisoro before reaching the Boarder.

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