Items to carry with you during you mountain hike

While preparing for your Karismbi hike, there items that should not be forgotten otherwise the hike wont got well for you. Your back pack should include items like;

  • the sleeping bag because you will not find beds at your stopover point
  • warm cloths is a must carry as it will keep getting more cold as you go hiker
  • Also carry food and drinking water because you will definitely need it
  • You will need dress up appropriately for example trousers and long sleeved shirts to protect your legs and arms from the cold as you push through the creeping plants are recommended together with the jungle/hiking boots will make your trekking a bit easier.   

You can always hire a porter to help you carry your luggage if you think you will need help with that. Porters are paid per day and they will walk along with you during the hike and often, it is the porters that help out in cases of accidents or any emergence that requires carrying back a hiker to the bottom.