Mountain gorilla trekking Rwanda

ABC505-Rwanda+Gorilla+TrekAWhen you go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you will realize that there is really no wildlife experience that is as amazing as an encounter with the mountain gorillas. When you meet them, you will be given an hour to spent with them so you can watch them play, tease one another, feed and take care of their little ones or anything else.  You can take as many pictures as you wish and expect to have a lot of fun during the trek.

There are about 10 habituated gorilla groups living in Volcanoes and they are scattered in all corners of the Park which means you will be allocated a particular group which you will be searching for on that particular day. These groups include the Susa family, Sabyinyo group, the Amahoro, Agashya or group 13 as originally called, Umubano family, the Kwitonda, there is Hirwa, Karisimbi family, Ugenda and lastly the Bwenge family. After purchasing a gorilla permit, you will be allocated any of the groups

Gorilla trekking begins with a briefing from a wildlife officer at the Park HQ, he will tell you about the dos and don’ts that you need to observe while in the jungle and then in groups of 8 people maximum, you will be allocated rangers who guides you through forest full of creeping plants and steep slopes until you find the group that you are searching for. It is important to remember that gorilla tracking can be really strenuous especially to the physically unfit people because it involves walking and hiking for long hours therefore spending long hours especially if your particular group wondered off high up in the mountains.

You should however find comfort in the fact that at the end of the day, the experience will be worthwhile to everyone. If planning to go for a gorilla tour, you will have to book the gorilla permit prior because and a booking is only confirmed by paying for it. Tour operators can help you book the permit, provide all the information that you will need about gorilla trekking just to make sure you have an amazing trip.

Gorilla trekking permits.

Gorilla permits cost different prices in all the 3 nations. In DR.Congo, the price is $400 per permit, in Rwanda the price is $1,500 and then in Uganda, each permit costs $600 all year round.  The permits help to limit on the number of people that visit each group of gorillas in a day. Only 8 people visit each group so that these apes are not stressed out as that may make them violent.