Rwanda genocide memorials

In 1994, a civil war erupted in Rwanda’s capital city after the tensions created with the Murder to the then President Juvenal Habyarimana on April 6th as we he was returning home from the meeting.  His death sparked the tribal tension that had developed for years leading the Hutu’s to murder fellow Tsutsi’s as the world watched. due to the many death as a result of this genocide that a number of memorial sites where created.

Below are some of the Memorial sites ;

Bisesero Genocide memorial.

This memorial site was set up to commemorate the 1994 Rwanda genocide during which so many Rwandans lost their lives. This site is found in Karongi-Kibuye in the western part of Rwanda only 31km away from Kibuye Town. History reveals that most of the people who lived in this area were Tutsis and were mainly cattle keepers.

They tried and put up resistance against the Rwanda soldiers and also the Hutu- Intarahamwe Militias for a good number days. They hide up at the top of some hill with so many rocks Read more

Murambi Genocide memorial

The Murambi genocide memorial centre is located at Murambi technical school near the Murambi town in the Southern part of Rwanda. There were more than 60000 people who were killed from this place after they sought shelter from the Hutu killers. Out of the very many that were killed, some of the remnants that were founds were exhumed and given a decent burial.

At first, the Tutsi people sought refuge at some local church but they were lured into the technical school by the bishop and the mayor. Read more

Nyarubuye Rwanda genocide memorial

The Nyarubuye genocide memorial site commemorates the Nyarubuye Massacre that took place on April 15th 1994 where over 20,000 people were murdered. This group was in the process of escaping to Tanzania to protect themselves. This memorial site is found in Kirehe district near the border of Rwanda-Tanzania in the Eastern province.  There is a church before and a school as well as a Benebikira Sisters’ building which were all set up in honor of all the Tutsi lives that the Hutus took from this place. Read more

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